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January 14 2015

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Owls and Tumblr

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January 12 2015

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January 11 2015

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Nie jestem w życiu zbyt widowiskowa. Odwracam się i odchodzę. Można mnie zrazić ignorancją, brakiem uwagi, atencji. W niepowodzeniach zamykam się i trudno mnie potem otworzyć, dotrzeć do mnie. Bywa, że wychodzę z domu, gdzieś uciekam, chcę być goniona i przepraszana.
— Magdalena Cielecka
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Mark Fischbach is the kindest soul on earth.

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January 07 2015

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Viktoria Modesta

Self-described “bionic girl” and pop artist. Hell yes forever.

are we not gonna talk about the fact that the music video these gifs are from, and the song that plays in it, is essentially a giant “fuck you” to society’s views of “disabled people are broken/useless/should be pitied”? or the fact that she WILLINGLY CHOSE to have her leg amputated? [due to medical reasons, there were other options presented to her, but again she said “fuck it” and chose the amputation because that was the safest option in her opinion, and she never once lets this decision hinder her or change anything about her.] Or how she has teamed up with the Alternative Limb Project who not only supplies her with these downright masterful prosthetic limbs but also helps other amputees afford such limbs for themselves? And helps said amputees express themselves and be creative with their newfound limbs? [fyi, the glowy leg is NOT cgi, that is 100% real, LED powered prosthesis. Fuck yeah engineering, baybee!]

Viktoria Modesta is quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to pop music and maybe even modern society as a whole, because she is literally proving that disabled people are not broken, they are not weak; they are strong, can put “normal” abled bodied people in their place, and look downright amazing while doing so. She is an inspiration and if you don’t think that is incredible then get the fuck away from me, you are not worth anyone’s time.

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